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Norvinz equals music. That is the passion it resonates and it offers to its readers and visitors. Norvinz provides an in-depth, objective, updated and personal information about music. You will be abundantly served with the latest and greatest about the music industry at the same time you get to read a ton of enriching thoughts and opinions about the music world.

Whether you are a musician, a fan, a label or a spectator, you will find Norvinz’ passion in serving you with the sweetest juice you can know about a particular band, musician, solo artist, singer, label, music magazine, reviewer, album, song, and a whole lot more.

Norvinz is your one stop shop for music heaven – from the golden oldies and classic to the new and even undiscovered music. You can browse through catalogs of great content that features songs, albums and artists from the 50s to the present. Moreover, find great articles about how to survive in the music business.

We take pride in carefully researching every subject we write on and talk about in order for you to get the crispest news about music. Our subjects include understanding the fundamentals of music and the music business, providing helpful tips and advice of launching your music career as well as some behind the scene tips for helping out and/or promoting a musician or a cause.

We are dedicated to help you build your music website or blogs from scratch whether you are a complete novice or an expert. We are ready to provide technical advice and tips at the same time wise recommendations on how to make your music website attractive, relevant, up-to-date, and engaging. Norvinz will definitely help you make a powerful website that rocks!

Norvinz was founded in December 2017 to address an overwhelming need of knowing the basics and the expert ways of launching a music blog or website. Today, there’s been a lot of websites that offer tips on how to create an effective music website or blog but none of them are comprehensive enough that you can just find all that you need in one website. You will need to jump from one website to another to get the latest suggestions that you can use or apply to your music project.

Having a single, dedicated website that offers you all the information you need in building a powerful music blog or website is not only convenient but a must. You won’t have to jump from one website to another to learn about technical information about web developing as well as learn about music in general, whether it’s about a band, a musician, a label, a music magazine, or even the business side of things.

Norvinz has got you covered on all of that. All you need to do is browse through our expansive catalog and let us influence you with all of the information that we have available for your needs. We foster collaboration and we will definitely love it if you can share your thoughts or feedback by commenting after you have read our super-rich music related posts.