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Top 3 Best WordPress Music Themes for Musicians

One of the primary goals if you are a musician or in a band is to get noticed by recording agents and labels. These elusive and most of the time hard to please A&R executives browse through thousands of websites, hop in to a hundred music venues and listen to tons of different demos to find the ‘one’. In today’s world, a musician or a band’s website is the best way to introduce to the world their music and their capability as a musician or a band.

If you are building your website, it is best if you can wow any audience right away the moment they land on your website. Of course, great content can help because you will need to fill your website with your bio, contact, album catalog, upcoming singles and/or releases, events and gigs, merchandise, and so forth. Your website is also the easiest and fastest way for these recording agents to get in touch with you.

WordPress is best platform for you to build your website if you are a musician, and there’s are plenty of high quality WordPress themes for musicians. Over the years, it’s also the Launchpad of many successful musicians and bands. Every year, there are a hundred of developers who create really awesome WordPress music themes and these are being utilized by different musicians around the world.

If you are planning to build a website for yourself or for your band and you need a WordPress Music Theme, here are the best that you can get from the Internet by far:

  • Merchato

Merchat is a mosaic WordPress music theme, which is very unique and capable website and blogging template for musicians. It allows you to be able to build a truly media-rich music website. You can easily integrate Merchato with some of the most popular and the best Audio Theme, musician plugin and what’s hot about it is you can also use WooCommerce to be able to sell merchandise within your website.

Mechato promotes and allows you to be able to showcase your singles releases, discography, and gigs as well as insert video and audio posts. You can even reflect your music brand throughout the website by customizing every aspect of it.

  • Lucille

Lucille is an intuitive WordPress Music theme that is made specifically for musicians, bands, artists, producers and almost anyone working in the music industry. It has an exquisite and classy design and offers a lot of customizable features in the site.

Lucille has a drag-and-drop feature for you to be able to build any type of layout you like and showcase your discography, information about your gigs, and many other things you like to integrate into your website. This WordPress music theme is very user-friendly that editing is almost like a breeze. You can even ask the team behind Lucille to set up the website for you and take advantage of professional support from Envato.


Aqura is a modern WordPress Music Theme that offers really state-of-the-art modern design. It is a parallax design that is so eye-catching and it’s perfect for grabbing attention from your audience and visitors. Aqura has a superb set of beautiful menus, music sections, videos and galleries. It is also highly customizable with an array of really outstanding effects.

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5 Great Free Music Band WordPress Themes

Having a website is a big requirement and part of the fundamental things you need to establish if you are a band or part of a band. Your website is your business card nowadays and most record producers, label agents, A&R executives and talent scouts browse through thousands of music websites to get to know the band that they are eyeing.

Without a website, or let me rephrase that, without a great website for your band means that you have less likelihood of getting noticed. Your effort and time in putting together a great content about your band, your songs and albums, are going to go waste without putting careful effort and investment in having a great website.

Part of what makes a great music website is to utilize the amazing tools available in the World Wide Web today – one of them is finding great and free music band WordPress themes. It is by far one of the most accomplishing tasks you’ll ever do, not to mention it’s free.

  • True Sound

If you need a comfortable and clean layout, TrueSound stands out as the best choice among the free music band WordPress themes available in the Internet today. It comes with a slider to showcase your band’s pictures as well as your events information, posters and merchandise. The whole atmosphere of TrueSound is light and warm that fits directly and appropriately to the music industry vibe. On top of that, TrueSound supports the integration of WooCommerce plugin for you to be able to sell your merchandise in your website.

  • Oscillator

Oscillator provides an audio player right on your band website’s homepage. That is how direct the approach of this free music band WordPress theme. This has a club feel into it and is also great for bands and radio shows. You can sell your tickets at the same time share your music instantly with Oscillator. The audio streamer can even be used for streaming live content. Oscillator is a great, free music theme for bands and comes with a useful, responsive design.

  • Seos Music

Seos Music is one of the best free music band WordPress themes with an added functionality of SEO optimization. On top of the cool design and great features, Seos Music puts a lot of emphasis on SEO tools to help your band’s website move up to the Google search rankings.

  • SoundOn

This free music band theme has the grunge genre in mind. It is full of gray and black tones at the same time a modern design the offers a slider as well. You will be able to upload a ton of images of your band as well as your merchandise and other band event pictures, and so forth. On top of that, SoundOn integrates a great plugin in order for you to sell your band’s merchandise and products through the use of WooCommerce and Edwid. Not only that, SoundOn allows for a Google Maps shortcode, which definitely helps your followers to go to the right location of your gigs.

  • Rock Star

It is tough becoming a rock star however, this awesome free music band WordPress theme is easy and can help you build your rock star website in a matter of minutes. It is a gem in the world of free music band WordPress themes because it offers a lot of the features offered in premium themes. It is fully packed with cool full-screen header image as well as call to action buttons. On top of that Social Media buttons are also supported in this theme. And if you have a ton of band pictures you would like to share, Rock Star has a sleek slider that can build a superb band image gallery.

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